Paper bags

Torba papierowa z warzywamiPaper bags are a remarkably versatile solution. They are perfectly designed to function as an advertising medium highly effective across a range of industries. A paper bag can promote your brand, service or product in the best possible way. As a producer we offer a range of custom paper bags in different types and sizes. The basic type, block bottom Kraft paper bags (natural brown) are suitable for food use.


Paper bags with handles can have much more applications, e.g. they are ideal for chemists, pharmacies, groceries, gift shops and many more.


All paper bags produced by us can be fitted with:

  • flat handles,
  • twisted handles.

Our standard twisted handle colours are:

  • red,
  • green,
  • navy blue,
  • maroon,
  • black,
  • white.

We are happy to provide you with plain one-colour bags, however there is a possibility of overprinting on one or both bag sides when required. Depending on the graphic design, the bags are available with one-colour screen printed artwork (e.g. red overprint on a white paper bag) or multi-colour offset overprint (e.g. yellow, red and green inscriptions and company logo overprinted on a white paper bag).


Be assured that whether you are placing a small, one-off order or looking to set up a regular bulk supply, we spare no effort to develop a paper bag design tailored to your needs. We assist in selecting a perfect size, overprint and handle type.