Pryzmat - Cardboard box and packaging manufacturer

We specialize in manufacturing cardboard packaging from corrugated and solid fibre cardboard. Apart from standard cardboard boxes we also offer customized packaging solutions meeting your business requirements. Customer presence, consultations and feedback prior to and during the packaging production process are of key importance to us. We are a manufacturer of cardboard boxes which translates into short lead times and competitive prices.



Durable functional cardboard packaging with eye-catching graphic design

Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)

Functional solution – this is how commonly used standard packaging is characterised. We offer durable and practical RSCs perfect for transporting or storing items of various sizes. Packaging can be glued or stapled, and additionally we select the type of cardboard according to the intended use.



Stos kartonów w hangarze
Karton na łące

Laminated packaging

We design artwork for cardboard boxes which are covered with specially printed sheets. The main distinguishing feature of laminated packaging is its attractive appearance. As a company specialising in the packaging production, we take care of every stage of implementation, while ensuring an original final result tailored to customer needs.



Die cut packaging supplies

There is a possibility of developing any design taking into account the shape, closing, handles or even windows. We also develop an eye-catching graphic design. We offer ready-made dies to be used to manufacture packaging for food products as well as printer consumables.



Opakowanie prezentowe
opakowania flexograficzne

Flexographic printed packaging supplies

We apply commonly used packaging production methods. Flexographic printing works well on flexible packaging. This method involves a low cost without sacrificing high quality. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the possibilities of flexo printing, as well as to personalize your order.



Additional components

We provide not only various packaging supplies but also special additional elements. Packaging components include corner and edge protectors, cardboard reinforcements, trays as well as product separation elements. This allows us to provide a “tailor-made” product. What’s more, all of our items are made of resistant and durable corrugated cardboard.



Karton z przegrodami
Kartony w magzynie

Wholesale quantities available from stock

We offer a full range of cardboard packaging available from stock. We provide boxes in many sizes and shapes, so our customers can order finished packaging quickly and efficiently. Our products are perfect for moving or as packaging for various types of shipments. We guarantee durable and functional cardboard boxes.



Paper bags

We manufacture paper bags in a variety of colours, with or without handles. It is possible to adjust the size, add an additional imprint, as well as completely personalize the order according to the expectations of the ordering person. In production we use durable, high-quality paper.



Wyposażenie dodatkowe
folia strech

Stretch film

We are a distributor of stretch film which is mainly used for manual and machine packing operations. The film will adequately protect products from damage, moisture or dirt. It also stabilises the transported goods and protects cardboard packaging from fading.